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China to Pakistan

As we are a economy based on imports and as far the global economics china has become the global power house due to its manufacring and its cost effective products which are highly desired by the consumers all across the globe since we are naghubouring the china and after the global depression caused in 2008 our economy got to the ground and since that we are trying to get back into the manufacturing process we are far away from ecomplishing that.

We are depend it on the imports for the consumer goods and china is the most consumer friendly and supplier of the products on the cheapest rates even after paying freight and duty taxes over all cost for the importer still remains highly profitable to selling the goods to consumer.

China to Pakistan Door to Door Delivery Service

We have a complete logsitcal network bassed on the desire and needs of the importers to bring there goods into Pakistan by using our air freight services, sea freight services or DDP all in services.