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Pakistan To Canada

Getting your belongings to Canada doesn’t need to be discouraging. Be it excess baggage, personal belongings, or your automobile, we all know a way to connect you with the most effective door-to-door shipping possibility doable for your journey. Whether or not you’re beginning a brand new life in urban center within the east or Vancouver within the west, it’s necessary to search out the correct company for obtaining everything there safely.

Different Shipping Options

With such a large expanse of water between North American country and most of the remainder of the planet, you’d be forgiven for thinking it ‘removed’. To not worry although, as a result of it’s really an especially accessible country wherever freight worries. Be it by air or ocean, obtaining your belongings to the foremost excusatory nation on earth is good and easy.

If you’re in a very hurry then air is that the fastest choice, with most shipments inward among 3 days. However, this speediness comes at a value, and therefore the quantity you’ll be able to move is restricted. If you’re trying to find the foremost price effective route and have time to spare, shipping to North American country by ocean is far and away your most suitable choice.

With international shipping, door-to-door delivery comes as customary, thus notwithstanding you aren’t living on the brink of one amongst the most important ports obtaining your things to your new home shouldn’t be a retardant. That said, you may have to be compelled to permit a touch additional shipping time for the land portion of the journey.

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Major Shipping Routes

Given that Canada is connected to most of the rest of the world by sea, it’s no surprise that the sea is their best freight option. There are four major ports dotted along Canada’s east and west coasts:

Port Metro Vancouver


Prince Rupert


Vancouver’s the busiest of the four, but even Halifax processes hundreds of thousands of containers a year. Wherever you’re moving to in Canada, getting your items shipped there should be a fairly straightforward process.


The Cost of International Shipping to Canada

Ah yes, the money. This all comes down to where you’re shipping from. Moving from the UK isn’t going to be quite as affordable as moving from the US. There are plenty of ball-park figures floating about, including ours, but the only way to know exactly what your move will cost is to request a personalized quote.

Canadian Customs

As with any country, there are certain restrictions on what you can bring into Canada. Noteworthy items are listed below, and you can visit the Canada Border Services Agency website for more details.

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